Creating a college-going mindset from the very first day of school is not always the focus when choosing technology for award management. But what if it was? What if technology could really fall in line with your ultimate objective of making higher education a reality for all children?

At ScholarSpan, we believe in...

Easy and effective awarding processes

Your software should reinforce your award
organization's mission to promote higher education

College Kids on Campus
School Girls

Building a college-going culture

Connecting with students and parents early
helps create and maintain a college-going mindset

Creating more time for administrators to connect with students

Technology should free up administrator time and
create stronger relationships with students

Student Teacher Relationship

Increasing engagement & commitment

Students, Colleges, Schools, Parents, Community Partners,
and State Officials feel a deeper level of engagement
and commitment to award programs when they have
a personalized portal

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One solution can tie together an entire awarding initiative

Ready to take the next step?

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For over a decade, ScholarSpan has helped companies unlock their true potential through the conceptualization and implementation of visionary tools that help businesses perform. We are experts at building back-end infrastructures that run entire operations. As a mid-size company headquartered in Kalamazoo, Michigan, we are home to the very first Promise Program in the country. Through our work with The Kalamazoo Promise, and numerous other scholarship programs across the country, we have designed and implemented web-based software that now serves as the architectural framework for complete scholarship administration and automation.