State & Government Officials Portal

State & City-wide Scholarship Initiatives Benefit from ScholarSpan’s Cross-functional Visibility

ScholarSpan ties together any initiative that falls under the umbrella of a Promise Zone Authority, a College and State Tuition Guarantee, or privately held tuition commitment. Through a personalized and permission-based portal, all of the data flowing between the managing program and the individual portal users would be accessible and reportable by the State, Government, or private entity overseeing the entire initiative. ScholarSpan provides the governing body access to the managing organization’s information and reports, eliminating the need for programs to send fragmented spreadsheets or create cumbersome work-arounds from multiple data sources. With ScholarSpan, the days of trying to figure out what data to capture (and how) are over!

State & Government officials use their portal to:

Access & View All Administrators Portal Functionality
View All Student Information, Documents & Data
Create Custom Reports to Share & Compare Program Performances & Outcomes


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For over a decade, ScholarSpan has helped companies unlock their true potential through the conceptualization and implementation of visionary tools that help businesses perform. We are experts at building back-end infrastructures that run entire operations. As a mid-size company headquartered in Kalamazoo, Michigan, we are home to the very first Promise Program in the country. Through our work with The Kalamazoo Promise, and numerous other scholarship programs across the country, we have designed and implemented web-based software that now serves as the architectural framework for complete scholarship administration and automation.