One solution spanning the lifecycle
of student data and award management

Unify data, people, and processes from Kindergarten to career

ScholarSpan is a complete cloud-based platform built to eliminate the time-consuming tasks associated with accepting, awarding, and processing scholarships, administering tuition, and manipulating data.

Key ScholarSpan Features

Automated Initial & Ongoing Eligibility Determination

Customizable eligibility criteria allows programs to change requirements every year if needed. Student eligibility is automatically determined by ScholarSpan based on program criteria.

Automated Appeals

Students and program administrators have the ability to enter appeals, providing rationale for eligibility or missing/poor data. Administrators process appeals that automatically update a student's eligibility and award.

Automated Award

Customizable award criteria allows programs to change awarding requirements every year if needed. Awards are generated for each student based on program criteria and student eligibility.

Communication & Messaging Module

Ease the burden of communication and boost program participation with secure internal messaging, text messaging, and email communications.

Data Visualization
& Graphical Reporting

Data visualization is a quick, easy way to present information in a universal manner. Enable decision makers, donors, community partners, and parents to see analytics visually.

Student Success Initiatives/Program Tracking

Strengthen student support services by tracking and analyzing student progress, success initiatives, and special programs.

Individual portals create cross-section access & visibility

scholarspan-software-portal desktop and phone

For Award Administrators

Automate time-consuming processes and create seamless workflows between award entities, students, colleges, and more with one connected solution

For Students

Create a college-going mindset from Kindergarten on with personalized student portals, online applications, text notifications, and automatic eligibility calculations

For Parents

Improve graduation outcomes by keeping parents informed about tuition eligibility, award criteria, and more

For K-12 Data Administrators

Capable of housing any and all desired K-12 data, ScholarSpan provides SIS data integration and permission-based access to view student award eligibility

For College Aid Administrators

Provide colleges with direct access to award-eligible student data & invoice payment status and create direct imports of student tuition, fees, and Financial Aid

For State & Gov't Officials

State or Government access to program information and reports eliminates the need for programs to send fragmented spreadsheets or create cumbersome work-arounds from multiple data sources

For Community Partners

Engage donors, committee members, mentors, and more through permission-based, task-specific portals









Got questions? We have answers!

What is ScholarSpan?

Cloud-based and cost effective, ScholarSpan is a single solution for end-to-end award management. One solution spans the lifecycle of student data and manages the complete day-to-day workload of award administrators. Individual portals for each person connected to an award creates cross-functional visibility and easy access. Award administrators can significantly expand program reach and effectiveness by offering personalized portals for students, parents, K-12 schools, colleges, donors, mentors, and more. ScholarSpan’s unique portals are a difference-maker for any organization striving to create a more unified, accessible, effective awarding approach.

Why ScholarSpan?

Many products claim to be complete scholarship management solutions, yet primarily only manage the application process. Organizations are typically forced to find multiple software solutions to manage the full spectrum of awarding processes, and many award programs eventually solicit one of those providers to build the customized solution they truly desire. Costly years are typically spent working to build a customized solution that ultimately is never fully deployed or even worse, is delivered but still does not live up to what was promised.

ScholarSpan is different and the only way we know how to truly convey that is to show you the solution. You will find that ScholarSpan truly delivers as a single, customizable solution that automates each step of award accepting, processing, and administering. Find out how your organization can run leaner and award easier by requesting a personal ScholarSpan demonstration.

Who can use ScholarSpan?

Whether you are a small local program or a national organization helping students across the country, ScholarSpan unifies data, people, and processes from Kindergarten to post-college. Promise programs, college and state tuition guarantees, scholarship programs, or any awarding initiative helping students attain higher education is an ideal partner for ScholarSpan.

"We selected ScholarSpan because of their expertise with Promise programs and have been extremely pleased with their willingness and ability to customize the software to meet our complex needs."

Shawn Butler

Director of Programs - The Pittsburgh Promise

“I have been working with ScholarSpan for several years now and am always pleased with their responsiveness, professionalism and final solution to our needs.”

Bob Jorth

Executive Director - The Kalamazoo Promise

Plan Options

Individual plans designed to meet the needs of any organization

ScholarSpan Basic

Perfect for new
or small programs

  • Award Administrator Portal
  • Online Student Application

ScholarSpan Advanced

Award administration
for any size organization

  • Award Administrator Portal
  • Student Portal
  • Parent Portal
  • K-12 Schools Portal
  • College & University Portal

ScholarSpan Premium

Enterprise solution includes
portal add-on capability

  • Award Administrator Portal
  • Personalized Student Portal
  • Parent Portal
  • K-12 Schools Portal
  • College & University Portal
  • Donor & Community Partner Portal
  • State & Government Portal

ScholarSpan offers dependable
integration, accessibility & security

Cloud Hosted

ScholarSpan is a cloud-hosted scholarship and tuition management suite that keeps you from ever having to worry about managing hardware or installing software updates.


Use ScholarSpan as your all-in-one solution for scholarship and tuition administration OR integrate with existing software that is performing well for you. Eliminate what is not working and keep what is!


Implementation features include structured information gathering about your desired process flow, an easy import of your scholarship data, and comprehensive administrator training.


ScholarSpan is hosted with Rackspace, the largest managed cloud provider. The Rackspace platform allows ScholarSpan to offer unmatched performance and scalability, ensuring the security and integrity of our clients data.  

ScholarSpan helps make higher education a reality for more students

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For over a decade, ScholarSpan has helped companies unlock their true potential through the conceptualization and implementation of visionary tools that help businesses perform. We are experts at building back-end infrastructures that run entire operations. As a mid-size company headquartered in Kalamazoo, Michigan, we are home to the very first Promise Program in the country. Through our work with The Kalamazoo Promise, and numerous other scholarship programs across the country, we have designed and implemented web-based software that now serves as the architectural framework for complete scholarship administration and automation.